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News from airfocus: Drag'n drop magic, Asana import, comments and much more

June 26 2018
1 min read
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Hi there, Hope you're doing good. Over the last months we got tons of valuable feedback about how to improve our prioritization and roadmapping solution. As a result we developed drag'n drop magic for the timeline view, an Asana import integration, item comments and lots of more helpful stuff:

Drag'n drop your timeline roadmap 

Roadmap planning is now more intuitive than ever. Drag'n drop your items to your gantt chart so they fit your timeline. Lengthen or shorten your items or simply move them horizontally. We'll find the optimal position on your roadmap.

Asana integration

Import your asana tasks into airfocus with just a few clicks.

Item comments

Collaborative prioritization at its best. Comment on your items to capture all item-based discussions and never lose valuable information and data.

item comments prioritizationFeel free to reach out at anytime. We'd love to discuss your prioritization challanges and business strategy. If you haven't signed up yet, start your free 14 day trial now. Happy prioritizing. Malte – Co-founder airfocus.io

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