1. Choose Your Strategic Drivers

Is an increase in revenue more important than strategic fit? Or is the time it takes to develop your idea more crucial than the marketing dollars spent? Might seem a bit like comparing apples and oranges. When you choose the right factors and criteria to govern these decisions, the impossible becomes possible. airfocus provides you with ready-to-use templates built on the most effective decision-making methods. Choose one to get started or select your own custom set of criteria.

2. Add Your Items

Select and add projects, ideas, and / or initiatives as items on your list.
Or simply use our integration tool to import from Jira or Trello to have your content synced across all your tools.

3. Rate Your Items

Give your items a rating for all of your criteria. Ratings could be of monetary value, percentages, 0 to 10 scales, or even t-shirt sizes. Include collaborators into this part of the process to benefit from team wisdom.

4. Let airfocus do its magic

It's as easy as that. You now have a prioritized list based on the factors & criteria you chose earlier. Switch to chart and / or roadmap view and start discussions with your team and stakeholders. With its intelligent scoring system, airfocus provides a solid visual base for you to discuss priorities and make decisions on who does what to ultimately define your roadmap.

5. Share your priorities & roadmap

Now that you've discussed the results with all those who're relevant, do the right stuff and talk about it! Share your priorities and roadmap with your stakeholders with the click of a button.

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