Agile Sprint Roadmap and Prioritization Template

A powerful way to build clarity around your sprint initiatives and agile roadmap priorities.

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What is an Agile Sprint Roadmap and
Prioritization Template?
Agile roadmaps are - as the name implies - a very flexible and agile type of roadmap that focuses on sprints rather than timings. Agile roadmaps are made to work perfectly in markets or environments that are ever-changing. They often visualize short-term periods with a time horizon of about 2 - 4 months. They don't define due dates and deadlines but focus on progress instead.

In case an executive needs to know when work is done and features are released, agile roadmaps may provide rough estimations based on time units like months or quarters.

Product owners mostly choose a simple prioritization setup to decide which features or improvements make it into the backlog or the roadmap: In 90% of cases, customer value, strategic fit and complexity work perfectly.

This agile roadmap template is structured around different sprints. Also check out our agile roadmap template that is organized by themes that represents product goals.

About this template
Audience: Product managers, development teams, technical departments
Value (Y) criteria: Customer value, strategic fit
Cost (X) criteria: Complexity (development costs)
Bubble (R) criteria: Must-have

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